Télécharger mac os x 10.5 for powerbook g4

"A copy of Leopard OS X 10.5 Install DVD (I don't care how you get it )" Thing is, most of us aren't thieves, so we do. And if you think you can replace a Mac with an iPad, I think you're about to be very disappointed.

Bonjour, Je possède un PowerBook G4 Titanium 10. 4. 11 et j'aimerais savoir si ça sera serait possible de télécharger la version 10.5 car même sur le marché de l'occasion le CD Mac OS X est


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Mac OS List System Software 1 (1984) System Software 2 (1985) System Software 3 (1986) System Software 4 (1987) System Software 5 (1987) System Software 6 (1988) System Software 7 (1991) Mac OS 8 (1997) Mac OS 9 (1999) Mac OS X 10 Cheetah… PressCoverage2008 - Debian Wiki New Debian leader aims for better communication http://www.rootly.com/topics/technology/linux_unix/New_Debian_leader_aims_for_better_communication_2/ 2 - Olympus | manualzz.com PC: Processeur de classe Power Mac G3 233 MHz ou supérieur iMac/ iBook/ eMac/ Power Mac/ PowerBook (L’ordinateur doit pouvoir supporter un port USB standard) (Processeur 500 MHz ou supérieur recommandé) Système Mac OS 10.1/10.2/10.3 d…


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Installing Mac OS X 10.5 on a PowerBook G4 | E-tutorial